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Hundreds of thousands concurrent users on a ecommerce, should I use serverless Lambda?

I faced some questions about architecture which use Lambda to handle hundreds of thousands user on an e-commerce website in my previous SAP-C01 example and in my real life project too. Some architectures on internet say that it can handle millions users in a month. However, I think with that number user requests at the same time(hundreds of thousands concurrent), does it fit for the requirement? I know Lambda has a limitation and I can use queue to avoid it, but how about cost, latency, connection timeout, etc. I really confuse about it.

Thank you in advance

P/S: This is my first question and my English skill is bad. Hope it doesn’t bother you.

1 Answers

There is a limit of 1000 concurrent executions per region with an initial burst that ranges from 500 – 3000 depending on region. You can request an increase on that limit of 1000 concurrent executions but however requesting a limit to 100k plus would be a bit of stretch. It would be better to look at EC2 instances with Autoscaling.

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