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How were you able to find the URL –

How were you able to find the URL – for the Data Store lab?

1 Answers

Hi Sundeepan,

AWS has a listing of public data sets at .  This is where I found the OpenAQ data set.  It’s a great resource if you want to try stuff that requires a large amount of data like a data lake or machine learning.


Al Nass

Hi Scott, I can see the ARN for the bucket but not following how you were able to translate that into the url (other than the fact that you provided it).


if your bucket is in US East region, then, , if any other region or region specific then, it is :

Captain Jack

I keep getting access denied errors: [d8e334c7-9007-4aa6-92a6-9d81636fe0aa] ERROR : Error Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: 99510427A1E9045E; S3 Extended Request ID: Jwqetwre85BXV+cAgj3+e8nfwghKX0c+GPKFYMG7ES3g9NCPv0mta7Wc53+bbc3A/zuwn69DEX0=) retrieving file at s3://openaq-fetches/realtime/2019-03-03/1551571266.ndjson. Tables created did not infer schemas from this file.

Prashanth Kota

I had a similar issue then figured out that the role that was created was setup for a different date (S3 bucket) and I was trying to run the crawler for a different date.

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