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How to view all course resources?

The current approach that I know of the locate course resources requires visiting each lesson one by one and looking for those with resources.

Is there a single place per course where resources are organized separately? For example a complete list of cited whitepapers and re:invent videos, would make study far simpler.

3 Answers

Yes this is issue with the ACG course navigation – dont know what the vertical scrollbar does not exist in the view all lessons

The workaround that I know is – Exit the course – then you can see all the course content. 



Thanks Sam, but I think you might have misread the question. I’m not looking for the vertical scrollbar, nor am I looking for individual lessons. What I am looking for is a complete list of all of the RESOURCES shared throughout the lessons in the form of whitepapers and re:invent videos and so on.

Hi David,

We don’t have a consolidated list of resources within the course but a few past students have put ones together for their own study purposes.  You can search this forum.  They usually post them on github to help others.


From the course navigation view on the Desktop version of our site which lists all of the videos in the course, you can notice there’s a paperclip icon on any of the videos with resources. If you click this icon, it will show the resource attached to that particular lecture.

Worth noting, the links for external resources will work from this view. But for any internal resources like downloadable ZIP files, you need to go into the video to actually download the file (known bug, currently with our developers)

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