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How to have very predictable spending on EC2

I seen some questions on an Org that is very sensitive about total amount of money spent on EC2s and have very predictable workload 

Among the options are 

  • Ask aws support to limit the instance types the account can create

  • Use IAM to limit the amount of EC2 each user can create 

  • Reserve 100% the EC2 capacity needed

and some other unrelated options

If you have to choose 2, what would you choose?

2 Answers

I don’t know if Amazon will perform the first option for you, but you can accomplish that yourself with Config rules.

I don’t think option 2 is possible.

Option 3 is not necessarily the best choice.  Personally, I’d always work as hard as possible to leverage Spot Instances in almost any EC2 scenario.

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Thanks Steven. Do you think setting up a cloudwatch Alarm would be a good choice to manage EC2 cost?

Noooooooo….Set up Budgets via the billing dashboard. Also make sure your organization has established a Tagging policy, and ensure that you have activated billing-related Tags in your billing dashboard.  That will allow you to filter your budgets and custom Cost Explorer reports by those Tag values.

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