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Glacier Vault lock deletion

In this video it says that Glacier Vault lock can be deleted or overwritten. But it seems that once the Vault is in Locked state, it can not be deleted anymore:

Also I would like to thank you for the way in which this course is taught 🙂

1 Answers

Hi Ridenem,

Thanks for the comment and kind words.   The Glacier Vault Lock process is a bit nuanced as the Vault Lock can be deleted and recreated (overwritten) many times up until you perform the Complete Vault Lock step.   Then, as you said, it’s locked in and can’t be messed with.

But, I can see how that can be confusing.  I’m going to add an extra slide to explain this process.



So does the same apply for archives – Up until lock is complete, I can overwrite an archive but after vault lock completion the object cannot be overwritten? Or can it be but will be a different version?

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