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Getting Heath Status Error elasticbeanstalk

When I deploy v1 node.js code into elasticbeanstalk getting HealthStatus Error and can’t launch page. Does anyone ran into this ? How do I troubleshoot this in elasticbeanstalk? Where is it node.js code deployed ? I see ec2 instance up and running.

2 Answers

Make sure you executed npm install, then zipped the v1 directory. You should upload the zip file.
Also you can examine the logs files by selecting your environment -> on the left sidebar should be a menu option called logs. There you can reqest the log and download it.

Lukas Langer

It didn’t work for me, it was up to date :/ So I did the lab with sample app from AWS in order to save time ( ) so I can recommend that. PS: I had some issues with deploying zip file created on MacOS because OS is adding some folder that AWS doesn’t like – fixed by this

Thank you Balogh.  It helped.  I got it working now.  I uploaded 7 zip instead of regular zip file.  I found this in the logs showing invalid zip.  I am looking into architecture behind elastic bean stalk to dig in further.  Where would our node.js zip file go in elasticbeanstalk host ?   How does nginx routes to custom port 8080 ?

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