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For the Openaq lab I used a simple select statement in Athena but the results are different

using a simple sql statement my results show several measurements that are worse than the answer of TULARE for that particular date. In fact TULARE was 47th on my list?

select * 

FROM openaq 

WHERE parameter=’o3′ AND date.utc>’2018-10-09’AND date.utc<‘2018-10-10′ AND country=’US’ 

ORDER BY value desc, date.utc DESC limit 100

1 Answers

Hi Brad,

If I remember correctly, the data is stored by data in the S3 bucket, so if you chose s3://openaq-fetches/realtime/2018-10-09/ as the source location for your air_quality table, you should not need to specify the date in the WHERE clause.  I don’t do this in the VIEW creation.

If you’re selecting from the whole batch or more than one day, you might be pulling in some additional records.  I also think your greater than / less than date clause might not be working as you’d expect.  I think you need to CAST as Date.  Check out this StackOverflow post:

You might also try BETWEEN…something like this: BETWEEN date ‘2014-07-05’ AND date ‘2014-08-05’


brad springer

I would agree my date is not elegant but I was having issues with it for some reason. Besides that though the dates in the date field were accurate and it was only choosing o3 data. I tore down my environment already but it is not hard to run the query again. Either way it should work in theory, I never claimed to be a SQL expert.

Scott Pletcher

Hah, no worries Brad. It also occured to me that you might also need an aggegration in there somewhere like a SUM since I think there were multiple readings per day.


I also got different results for the city and am curious why. the ddl I used was from


tried both local and utc


SELECT city, AVG(value) as value FROM "sampledb"."openaq" where date.local like ‘2018-10-09%’ and parameter like ‘o3’ and country = ‘US’ group by city, value order by value,city;

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