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For the Network Mess lab

 my CloudFormation script from the git repository does not include setting up the web server, Step_2_LaFours_Disaster.yaml, is missing the commands to install the web server.

3 Answers


If I recall, Step 2 doesn’t reinstall the webserver….it just makes changes to the landscape which you then have to figure out how to fix.



you just have to update the stack created by "Step1 CF script" using the "Step2 CF script". So it applies the disaster changes to your existing setup.



I too feel like "Step2LaFours_Disaster.yaml" is definitely missing the required userdata to spin up the webserver. The guidance in the lab tells you to only look at the network part and to not look at the scripts. With this guidance I feel like this is impossible to solve.

Even with the walkthrough, at no point was it mentioned that you should fix the userdata.

Kristopher Venchus

After deploying Stack1, you will see the stack in Cloudformation. Select the Stack, click the update button, then select the Step 2 file for the template. This will update the existing stack with the "changes" from LaFours. After completion you should still only see 1 (non-default) VPC, subnets, and EC2’s that were deployed from the first stack.

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