AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Follow along with me!

Hey all ACloudGuru’s, my name is Jacob and I recently got the AWS Security Specialty cert and decided that this would be my next goal. During the Security I noticed a good amount of gaps with that course and even failed it once. Why am I telling you this, because I decided to make a Github account with all my notes from that course, the Linux Academy course, the Whizlabs practice tests, and even based on the real exam. This time I know better and started my CSA-Pro Github early. There you will find notes, review question, and even documentation of me getting hands and just experimenting. It is slow going so far because I just got a new job, but I am starting to make good progress. My method is to first hand write all my notes and make review questions based on the first time I watched the video. After I do that for the entire course I go back and re-watch everything this time typing out my notes. Feel free to follow along with my journey as the later in 2019 it gets the more helpful my repository will get!


Great! Thank you bro

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Thanks for sharing Jacob!    Good luck on your journey and we’re here if you need us!

Thanks Jacob. You notes on the Security Specialty exam was really helpful and I ended up passing that exam. Thanks again.


Glad I could help you and many other people pass that exam 🙂


hey Jacob, Thanks for sharing your notes on the CSA-Pro! Could share the link to your Security Specialty exam, as I am preparing to take that one.


Sorry for the delay on this, but here is the Security notes if you want a look at those. This could also be a sneak peak on how I plan this CSA-Pro repository will get!

Good stuff indeed as I plan to take this one. I will likely wander off from Acloud for this, as despite Faye working hard to update the content, it is not fast enough for me to rest assured on it as I move/study rather fast and have pretty decent knowledge. Your insights help me directly.

I checked out your github repo but I don’t see much of information. There are already a few folks here in ACG forum who passed the exam, maybe try to update your repo with more stuffs from their experience:

I suggest that you just use Gist instead of a repo, since this is just one file anyway. All the best in your exam! I am also planning to take the AWS SA Pro next month


On the little information: I started studying for this exam early January. I started my first job out of college January 7th as well. I no longer have 8 hours a day to study for AWS certs. As people thought my Security and SysOps review plus notes were helpful I thought I would get a head start and let people know about it right here as I update it. I don’t plan to take the exam till mid-July with how busy I am and even then that will be a trial run. My goal is to get it by mid-November and by then I will have a ton of documentation plus notes based on more then just ACloudGuru. It is a slow process for me, but I am more worried about my job over this exam. I spend about 4 hours every other day studying for it. So again if you are reading this and it is mid-June check my repository and it will have way more content. On your other topics I will look into transfering my notes to Gist. I also hope you do amazing and if you want to share your experience of taking the exam that would be much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing your tips. Are you working in Cloud Security now?


I am an Associate System Engineer for a SaaS company. We have close to 20 hosted products and the product I am on is in GCP and configured with Salt. I don’t work much in GCP, but rather troubleshoot application problems on the server level and use Salt for deploying releases.

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