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Feeling Sleepy with Scott’s lectures

I wish there were more hands on wrt Scott’s lectures! It was really great with Ryan’s where we were helped with a lot of hands on videos than only "death by powerpoint". Just though this feedback might help you guys….

David Boeke

Speech at a certain tempo will make you sleepy, the tonal pattern and tempo that has this effect will vary from person to person. I suggest trying different playback speeds to see if it helps.

2 Answers

I took the 2018 version of the Pro (this) course taught by Ryan, it was mostly lecture with labs interspersed (i.e. just like this one).  I think the key is, the only real prep for taking the Pro exam is experience as an architect or engineer; and the more the better.  Everything else is just stuff to read and understand (not memorize).  You can read that stuff in excruciatingly dry AWS Whitepapers or you  can follow the ACG lectures.  Personally I prefer the latter.

We are all different. I am loving Scott’s videos, deep knowledge there. I listen at 1.5x or more, then when it gets harder (subject new to me) I go back to 1x, and it’s not at all boring.

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