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This is not a question. Indicating a misleading item.

Under Chapter 8 – Deployment and Operations Management > Management tools, at one point AWS OpsWorks is explained with the slide title going as ‘AWS OpsWorks’ – talks about three offerings. The next slide title goes same as previous slide ‘AWS OpsWorks’, but in fact the details given under this slide/presenter’s presentation doesn’t say it is only about one of the offering covered in the previous slide – i.e. AWS OpsWorks Stacks. Initially I thought this 2nd slide on this topic is applicable to all the offering discussed in the previous slide. As I started getting doubt, when I looked up in AWS docs, could see that 2nd slide is only about one of the specific offering. Clarity on heading and also presenter to say what particular item they are talking would be good, especially when you drill down from top to bottom or getting into a specific offering within a service out of many offerings(for the same service).

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Thanks Saro, I can see where this might be confusing.  I’ll update it.


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