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Failed the SAP-C01 exam, some remarks

Hello everyone,

Today I cereived the result of 715 . Honestly I am quite okay with that since I expected my score to be around 600

Some notable points that I found in the exam

There is much less of Redshift – Athena than I expected and a lot around Kinesis

And much more of CodeCommit – CodeDeploy

Quite some questions on Fargate – ECS

I found myself unable to answer some questions on Route53, CloudFront caching policy and VPC peering which I think I could if I studied the Dev / Admin associate exam

Otherwise, the old exam leanring material should be able to cover the remaining parts : D

1 Answers

Sorry to hear you did not pass but seems like you at least exceeded your expectations.  Now you know what to expect and you’ll be more confident next time.

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