AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Failed exam results and where to go from here

How to improve on handling Organization Complexity?

Got my results

Any tips how to improve on my shortcomings?

Deepak Adlakha

Sorry to hear about that. What all whitepapers, videos and study material you followed ?

Deepak Adlakha

Can you please also explain or add more light on your exam experience ?


Exam went quickly. I gave some feedback over here.

1 Answers

Your result shows a wide range of improvements is required. Maybe you could try the Architecture Associate first? Ryan’s classic course with a conversational style will make you feel the 20+ video hours not that long … and indeed you will get to know him and his hobby better.

Richard Wang

I am also studying the Advanced Networking, Big Data and Security courses to be better prepared for the Architect Pro Exam. On the train, I read The Phoenix Project recommended by Faye, that improves my reading speed for the scenarios.


I think my points were 643 of 750. So I think I should work on Org complexity and cost control.

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