AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Failed CSA Pro last week


I failed in my CSA Pro exam last week, a few points about my test:

75 questions;

Short questions, but with big responses in some of them;

No questions about AWS CAF;

No questions about Vmware on AWS;

No questions about Share Point on AWS;

No questions about Oracle RAC on AWS;

No complicated questions about Route 53;

Many questions about HA, redundancy, etc;

Many questions about BeanStalk;

Many questions about VPC terminology, like virtual interfaces, virtual gateways and routing from On-Premises to many regions;

Many questions about Lambda, Lambda Edge, API Gateway and DynamoDB, an example:

There is an application deployed via API Gateway, lambda and DynamoDB.

This API is having timeouts, your CloudWatch logs indicate that DynamoDB is OK.

What should you do?

Implement an Elastic Cache?

Implemente API Gateway Cache?

Implement Lambda Edge?

Many questions about DynamoDB replication and Global Tables.

Failed my test mainly because I’m a person from the infrastructure and security areas.

I still not work heavy with ServerLess architecture.

Finally, in my opnion, the CSA Pro exam will test you more in ServerLess architecture like in another areas, and your capacity in interpret questions, because 180 minutes to 75 questions is a short time, because of this, follow the ACloudGuru advise is a good practice: 2 minutes per question and you will have 30 minutes to review some of them. 

I will study more about ServerLess architecture and make some labs, but time is a luxury, because of this I studied 3 weeks for the test. Now I have until 15 march to do the next test.

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Hello Adiel,
I am sorry that you came up short on this attempt, it certainly is a tough exam. I am sure that you will get it next time around.

That is a great write up. Much appreciate.

Do keep in mind that every exam is unique with both different questions, and different focus on topics.



Adiel Ribeiro

Hello, Rusty. Time was short because this was a recertification exam with the option to recertificate my Associate to Professional. Yesterday I did the Associate exam and I’m glad to inform that I passed with a score of 920. About the Pro exam, I will do some labs and make it again in future.

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