AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Exam Tips

Just passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam!

Some tips from my experience:

1 You need to prepare for this, do not expect to wing it and pass. I used aCloudGuru and failed their practice exam yesterday which changed my test taking strategy. Their content is solid, and the section quizzes can point you to where you need to focus.

2 Don’t blast through questions assuming the right answer will pop out at you. I answered at least 75% of the questions based on elimination because it was usually one tiny detail that was the difference. This was the difference in my strategy from when I tried the ACG practice exam.

3 Write down the details as you are reading the question and then possible choices (multiple choice, pick 2/5 or 3/6 type answers). Then work through each answer eliminating as you go. I don’t see how you could keep everything in your head and not miss something on these questions.

4 Pace yourself. It is 75 questions over 180 minutes, and I used all but 4 minutes. Flag questions to come back to if you aren’t comfortable with your answer, but do not dwell. I think I marked 8 for follow-up and changed 2 answers based on details I was able to glean from other questions.

5 RedBull gives you wings!

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2 Answers

Congrats Jim and thanks for the tips!  All good points….especially #5!



@Scott – I had a Certified Developer Associate until August this year and I have practical AWS Skills as well. Is it required to get the Certified Solutions Architect Associate or can I go ahead with the Professional? Please let me know the same. Thank you, Vishal

Follow these AWS study tips to increase your odds of passing AWS certification exams.

Everyone should follow these AWS study tips that will greatly help you to pass the AWS certification exams in the first attempt.

Study Tip 1: Watch online video-based training

Study Tip 2: Assess your knowledge with practice tests

Study Tip 3: Deep dive into AWS facts

Study Tip 4: Take action – one step at a time

Study Tip 5: Allocate study time in your calendar


To realize your goals, you need to put some extra time and effort to pass this challenging exam. By following this the AWS study tips in this article, you’ll be in a perfect position to ace your AWS certification exam. Get the popular Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Exam Questions from JustCerts today and you will feel well equipped to handle each and every question that may come up in your exam.

Happy studying and all the best for your exam.

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