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Exam Simulator Question – Enforcing Tagging

Can someone please explain why C is not the right answer? Can you not use SCP to enforce tagging?

I’ve included the simulator exam question below and the right answer(B)/exam simulator explanation below. Thanks!

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The intent of these forums is to provide to aid students to learn by engaging in discussion and share ideas and opinions. Sometimes that involves posting a question to discuss a point. However when you post a question we expect you to also include your diagnosis of the question and opinion of the issue plus a question about the specific issue you are having trouble with.

Simply dropping a question and the answers in the forum and expecting others to solve it for you is not considered acceptable. Please feel welcome to post the question again but include your own analysis and a question about the issue that you are struggling with.

Unfortunately, this stance has been necessitated by people abusing this site to support dishonest people profiting from question theft in breach of the NDA of this and other legitimate training sites.



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All of the answers to these questions can be found in the AWS documentation on the service or feature.

google: AWS SCP enforce tagging

I encourage you to take time to research the services and features not try to solve practice questions cold.  Save the Exam Simulator questionfor after you have mastered the material.  Then when you don’t understand it research both the correct and incorrect answers to understand why.  The answers are of no real value, understand the why and why not is what is of value.  🙂


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