AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Exam Simulator Funky Behavior

This morning at 8am (Friday, January 24, 2020, I started the SA  Pro exam. I noticed about 10 question in that only 39 questions were showing in the bar down below. I refreshed the page and saw the rest of the questions up to 77. By the time I got to question 40 and attempted to enter a response, everything froze. I hit refresh several times and I could not get past question 39 in terms of trying to submit an answer. I refreshed and move on 41 and I see the question and attempted to answer but nothing happened. I opened up another browser in Firefox and logged in and copied the URL in the hopes that it might be Chrome issue. That did not work because only the list of 77 questions showed in the bar at the bottom but the actual questions never showed. I decide to hit submit back over on Chrome, just so I see the remainder 37 questions unanswered and marked wrong but get a score for the 39 that I did answer. I pressed Submit and I was returned to question 40! I am waiting for the thing to timeout and see if I can get some answers. I can email the link so that you can see for yourselves if you send me an appropriate support email for A Cloud Guru.


I am so dying to share the link so that you can see this for yourselves…

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Hi Ccottondc,

That is weird.   If you could submit what you have at the link below, we’d appreciate it.



Thanks, Scott. I responded to the link

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