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Exam Similator, mistake on question – CodeCommit all do not cost anything?


Which of the following activities will have the most cost impact (increase or decrease) on your AWS bill?

Deploy existing reserved instances into a Placement Group.

Add a new Route 53 hosted zone.

Begin using AWS OpsWorks Stacks on EC2 to manage your landscape

Provision an Elastic IP and associate it to a running instance.

Start using AWS CodeCommit as your source code repository.

The explanation is:

Provisioning an EIP to a running instance or using Placement Groups or CodeCommit all do not cost anything. OpsWorks Stacks on EC2 does not cost anything but using it for on-prem systems does cost a small amount. The only thing on this list that would increase your AWS bill is adding a Route 53 hosted zone.

This isn’t true though, as per:

Each additional active user beyond the first 5*

$1.00 per month

The question doesn’t say how many users, but it’s not a bad assumption to assume it will cost something, hosted zones are 50c?

2 Answers

Rt 53 Hosted Zone and Code Commit both can have costs – beyond free tier, the question should be qualified for accurate choice:

DNS zones—$0.50 per hosted DNS zone / month for the first 25 hosted zones, $0.10 for additional zones. Policy records—$50 per DNS name (such as “”) Standard queries—$0.4 per million queries for the first billion queries / month, thereafter $0.2 per million queries / month

Code Commit: Each additional active user **beyond the first 5***  $1.00 per month

Hi Nutterz,

Yes, I agree this is misleading without providing a number of developers.   I changed the question and replaced CodeCommit with another service that has no price ceiling.


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