AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Exam Discount: 50% Discount Voucher!

Just in case you have overlooked it (like what happened to me): when you have passed an exam, you will receive a 50% discount benefit in your certification account for your next exam. I now have 4 of them!

Vishal Kalra

useful indeed

6 Answers

Thanks for the heads up!

I think the made some changes so these vouchers just came visible. I am pretty sure they were not there when I scheduled my last exam i February.

Thanks for the tip Richard. I canceled one of my scheduled exams, got the refund and then again scheduled the exam with the discount applied. Saved 50 %!

Richard Wang

By the way, do you feel Security Specialty is easier than Architect Pro?

Sujith Babu

I don’t know that yet, I have not yet appeared for the Architect Pro. Though I passed the security exam, I found it tough. But that was mostly because I am completely from the Java/J2EE/Open Source development background and did not have hands-on experience with some of the AWS security related topics.

Thanks Richard, I’ll be taking my exam next month. This is great 🙂

Hi Richard, do you still have 50% discount code? Planning to take the exam next month. Thanks!

Richard Wang

It says not transferable.

Can this be applied to CSA associate exam?

I mean if j pass CSA Associate exam,  will get 50% voucher which I can use for Architect Pro??

Am I understanding correctly

Richard Wang


Krishnakumar Kovath

Wow thanks for the heads up.. I just saved 150$

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