AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Exam Difficulty : AWS SAP vs AWS DOP

Hi all,

I’ve just passed the solutions architect associate & developer associate certifications exams and wanted to start preparing for DevOps and solutions architect professional exams.

based on difficulty from which one i should start ?

some people says that the AWS DevOps certification Exam is very tough compared to the solutions architect professional exam and others says the opposite !!

anyone could help ?

Jad Talbert

Hi, I cannot speak to the DevOps certification, but I can speak on the SAP-C01 exam and can tell you that is was the most difficult exam I have ever taken.This may not be the case for everyone, but for me—it was quite difficult. My SAA exam was simple when I compare to the SAP and to put that into perspective the SAP was more difficult by a factor of 10 for me.

Eskandar Peter

Thanks alot for the response Jad

Eskandar Peter

I just found an article on in which they suggest first to take the DevOps exam and then the SAP-C01 as the later is more difficult


Hi. I have the Solutions Architect Pro since late 2017 and the Devops Pro from 2020. I do not know how difficult is the Solutions Architect now. What I can say is that I found no difference in difficulty between those two. Both cover a lot of service through only scenario-based questions and both have A LOT! of overlap. In the Devops Pro you have questions that lean towards CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, CodePipeline, AWS Config, and deployment on Elastic Beanstalk that you will almost not find in the Solutions Architect Pro. Both cover load blancers, autoscaling groups, etc. You will see more RDS and other topics on the Solutions Architect Pro.

Eskandar Peter

Thanks alot for the detailed response, finally I decided to take first the Devops Exam and then I will prepare for the Solutions Architect Pro

Martin Löper

I took the CSAP exam yesterday and I would say that the Solutions Architect Professional exam is the broader one. They might be similar in terms of difficulty but CSAP covers so many service while DevOps is mostly centered around the developer tools and deployment tools/strategies.

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Hi Eskandar,

I would agree with the responses above in that difficulty is probably relative to your background.  CSAP definitely covers more broad material than DevOps. 


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