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error in the EBS training

there is an error in the EBS lesson, it says at 4:35 of the EBS lesson that the first snapshot will contain "the hole thing" this is incorrect the first snapshot will contain only the blocks created after the creation of the ebs volume. so in this example only 4 blocks, in other words if a voume is 500GB in size, but you have written only 20GB of new blocks, the first snapshot will be 20GB.

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Hi Agarossi,

Your comment makes sense, but differs from what is contained in the AWS documentation here:

I use this explanation because it’s the same as the AWS documentation which is used in the exam.



I see. because the example refer to an EBS that is already full.. I’ll check with the product team (I’m an AWS SA on the storage TFC) and check if it make sense to add a note. thanks for catching this one!



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