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ERROR – Failed to find package.json in Elastic Beanstalk environment creation (v1)

Hi folks! I tried to do the Elastic Beanstalk lab (Insults v1) but when AWS goes to create the v1 version of the environment it presents the following error: Failed to find package.json. Node.js may have issues starting. Verify package.json is valid or place code in a file named server.js or app.js.

I have cloned the git lab structures, zipped v1 folder, uploaded a ZIP file containing all v1 files with all folder structure and followed the instructions. Any ideas?


Andre Mello

1 Answers

Hi Andre,

You might want to be sure that your zip file does have the v1 folder as it’s root…that it’s not somehow being zippped as /v1/.  Not sure of your OS, but rather than right-click  on the folder, go into the folder and highlight all files in there then select Compress or Zip or whatever your OS uses.



@Scott, you are amazing, hopefully I will be able to pass the exam first time

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