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enforcing tags

do you have an article for enforcing tagging and take action to shutdown ot terminate instances

2 Answers

Hi adekunar,

I’m working on a lab to add to the course that shows several ways to enforce tagging.

In the meantime, you can use AWS Config with a tagging enforcement rule or a Lambda function that maybe is triggered periodically.




Adekunar and Scott (by the way ENJOYING VERY MUCH your CSAPRO BETA) 🙂

I enjoyed your Matrix comparing different services helps visuallize and retain and your Pro-Tips (priceless) Thanks for sharing !!!!
We are using ServiceCatalog to help ENFORCE certain tags (under TagOptions in the Portfolio that we pre-configured. and that we want the Developers to Select from it when they are creating their EC2 instance in Service Catalog , if they don’t select, it will not be built.

We also use some CFN parameters to capture automatically and the EC2 is being created and behind the scenes the UserID that is creating the EC2 instance in ServiceCatalog (auditing purpose). 🙂

I hope this will help.


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