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EBS Snapshots

Reference : CSA- Pro, EBS Lesson -If an entire volume can be recreated from snapshot 2 of EBS even if I have deleted snapshot 1, Would it not make to sense to delete it always to save cost since snapshot 1 is the heaviest and most expensive,  lets say we don’t need snapshot 1 for whatever reason

2 Answers

Hi Jitender,

Snapshots are valuable for their "point-in-time" properties.  That said, if you delete the earliest snapshot, all the ingredients from the earliest will roll over into the next earliest.  This allows you to recreate the volume from the point in time of the snapshot. 

Snapshots work are like the old incremental backups that we use to do with tape drives…we’d restore the original, then all subsequent delta backups up until the time we need.   Thankfully, AWS manages all this when we want to recreate a volume from a snapshot.

You can save space and money by deleting intermediate snapshots but overall, your snapshot storage cost will be at least that of the full data on your volume.


Jitender Kumar

Perfect Mr. Pletcher. Totally make sense. Thanks for the reply

i think it depends what kind of snapshots? in case snapshots are incremental then yes if it is full initial snapshot , then no –

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