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DynamoDB scale down

‘Currently, Auto Scaling does not scale down your provisioned capacity if your table’s consumed capacity becomes zero. As a workaround, you can send requests to the table until Auto Scaling scales down to the minimum capacity, or change the policy to reduce the maximum provisioned capacity to be the same as the minimum provisioned capacity.’

What does ‘send requests’ mean here? What context of the requests? And how?

1 Answers

This refers to an old limitation of DynamoDB auto-scaling after its announcement (June 2017) and a fix (Nov. 2018). Basically, in the case of zero database traffic, the scaling down would not happen. So, you had to make a few DynamoDB read/write API calls to trigger a scale down. This is nowadays not necessary. See

Ankur Bajaj

I think this warrants an update in the video

definetly agree, especially considering that information Is over 2 years old now.

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