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Dynamic tagging with auto incrementing numbers

Hello Gurus:

Looking for a looking for dynamic tagging from Autoscaling instances with increment numbers. Checked on the Google that it can be possible using ASG -> SNS -> SQS/Lambda but this looks adding many components 🙁

Are there any suggestions you can provide?

2 Answers

Don’t waste your time providing additional identities to your disposable workforce because it only increases your psychological attachment to them?

But seriously, what business need are you attempting to satisfy with this process?

Rahul Sahotay

My application requires unique 2 digit machine id (00-99) from these servers


Another question – I’m really trying to help:

What is the app doing that it needs ID numbers from resources that are inherently disposable and replaceable, especially since I’m presuming you’ve envisioned simply rolling-over from 99 back to 00?  

While you may have very mission-critical reasons to need that information, what you are potentially doing is creating a tight connection between your application and something that you should care almost nothing about – the EC2 instances.  Arguably, your application should either have very little to do with the particular instance that it is running on, or should be designed that ANY instance will do.

Tightly coupled infrastructures are BAD for a number of reasons, and since you have posted this on an Architect Professional board, I would be derelict to not bring that up.

However, if that’s what your application needs, then that’s what it needs – but can your application be refactored to work in a more effective way?  That’s what I’m trying to explore.

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