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download slides

Is there an option to download the slides for the chapters?

1 Answers

Unfortunately our slide decks are not available for download.

One of the biggest reasons people like slide decks is to simplify note-taking, and to make it much easier to review before exams. And there’s truth to that idea that having good notes is a great way to review pertinent points prior to passing an exam.

Looking at our slide decks, two things are very apparent. Firstly, they don’t cover the full content like the instructor does with what they say in the audio. Secondly, there’s a lot of content in our slides, about 95% of which wouldn’t be helpful to a last minute review.

There’s also the unfortunate part that we need to protect our course content from piracy as well, which I know we all understand.

Taking notes for your own use has a few extra benefits, along with the retention from having to write them. You can strain it down to the relevant parts you feel a need to remember, instead of having an excessive amount of content. One page of very focused notes is better than twenty pages of things you already know.

Most of our courses also have lectures at the end of their chapters summarizing their content into the most relevant facts for an exam. You can review these, and write notes for anything you might deem necessary to remember that isn’t already well set in your memory. For example, you may not need to write a note that Amazon S3 is a storage service, but you may want to make a note that S3 uses an eventual consistency model, and what that means.

Hope this proves useful, good luck with your studies!

James Johnson

Udemy and digitalcloud content, once you purchase their course, you can download their Presentations. Guess you learn something new, even a long time trainer.

Maruthi Janardhan

Piracy concerns? Really? These slides are very basic and not some proprietary IP. However are very valuable reckoners. You should make them available to students of the course. You anyway can’t stop determined content pirates from taking screenshots if they are determined to. You are just hurting genuine students trying to save time taking notes.

Guys, really, it doesnt make any sense, this course without the slides is half-efficient. Majority of people, myself included, have a much better visual memory than echoic, we need slides to understand the concepts better. There are many great courses on other platforms as well, at the end of the day its up to us to study and pass the exam. Please consider the reputation of ACG and this particular course and provide the slides as soon as possible, we`d tremendously appreciate that. Thank you

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