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Do Savings Plans appear on the exam?

AWS announced Savings Plans in November 2019 as an alternative to Reserved Instances. It’s been over six months since then. I was wondering if they’ve started to appear on the exams? It wasn’t covered at all in the "Cost Optimization Strategies" lesson for the SA Pro course.


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Hi Sean,

I haven’t seen specific reports of savings plans on the exam, but I would expect it to be there.  It’s easy enough to understand them as you’re making a commitment to spend a certain amount.  The Compute savings plan is the most flexible covering EC2, ECS, Fargate and Lambda.   EC2 Instances savings plan makes you define an instance family like C5 or T3 in a region, but you can apply those savings to any type of instance in that family.  It offers deeper discounts than Compute.

You can see how this might be used in a question along side RI’s for example.


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