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Direct Connect is not “Highly Available”

Q10 in the Network Quiz states that Direct Connect is highly available.. whereas actually it’s a SPOF – which is why AWS offer design guides on how to build highly-available connectivity solutions:


§ AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interfaces: □ Private virtual interface: should be used to access an Amazon VPC using private IP addresses □ Public virtual interface: can access all AWS public services using public IP addresses. Transit virtual interface: should be used to access one or more transit gateways associated with Direct connect gateways.


Just wanted to add this additional info regarding connectivity to AWS with direct connect.

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Hi Jim,

You might want to re-read the question.   It says "Which of these statements on Direct Connect are FALSE?".  You are correct that Direct Connect is not inherently highly available and so that answer should be marked as correct.

For the Pro exam, you’ll need to look very closely at the question wording as AWS will try to trip you up.



Thanks Scott – I thought I’d read it wrong.. and re-read it and it still didn’t make sense at the time.. Thanks for the correction. (Great course by the way!)

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