AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Difficulty standard of this question?

It took me almost 2 minutes to read through the whole question and all the options, and I felt I didn’t have enough time to think through which option was the correct answer.

Are all the questions in the real exam at a similar difficulty to this one?

If so, I would think many people would run out of time to answer all questions because it would be too difficult to keep the concentration level for almost 3 hours and to answer each question in under 2 minutes.

In this case, would you choose to sacrifice a few questions by guessing and use those extra minutes to try and answer the rest correctly? – e.g. spend 2.5 minutes instead of 2 and sacrifice some questions?

2 Answers

I just passed this exam (finished 3 hours ago), and although not quite so wordy there are a lot of similarly longish questions with longish answers (for example 4 sentences for each option). I did struggle for time and had to rush through the later questions. The difference was that the challenges in this course are often covering of a number of key points from the chapter, in the exam it was more like getting down to two possible answers quite quickly and then having to think very carefully about the remaining two options.

Azam Ali

Could you suggest the time it would take for someone who has cleared the Associate exam to prepare for the Professional Exam

I have taken a DevOps Pro exam and i can say that this seems to be realistic in terms of difficulty. The pro certifications are legit and the exams are very difficult. You need to know the standard multiple-choice protocols, and be good at decision-making. Multiple answers are technically correct. But not all questions are this difficult, so go through all of them briefly, answering the ones that are easier for you, and flagging those you are not sure about. Go back and completely read the flagged questions and all answers and choose the best one, being sure you have provided the correct number of answers for each question (no penalty for answering wrong vs. not answering at all). Finally, with any remaining time, go through all of the questions checking for any mistakes. I always use all the time available to me for this type of exam, because I learn on the exam by reading the questions, so I may be able to improve my answer the second or third time I read it based on what I have read in the rest of the questions. Finally, know yourself. Know how much sleep, what kind of meal, etc, that you need to be at your peak mentally.

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