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Difficulty of Certified Solution Architect Pro Exam? (if you’ve passed all three Associate exams)

I was curious what those who have passed Architect Pro and all three associate exams (Architect, DevOps & SysOps) think of the actual difficulty level of Architect Pro. I should note that I’ve passed all three associate exams, and plan on taking archited pro next.  My question is, do you feel the three associate exams were very helpful in preparing for Architect Pro, or not necessarily? The reason I ask is, I’m seeing a little info from all three associate courses in Architect Pro training materials so far. Conversely, I’m also seeing quite a few people who did the Architect Associate and then went straight to Architect Pro, many of whom mention that it was VERY hard. Plus, I’m just curious what others who have accomplished this think. I’m taking into consideration that Architect Pro will require preparation and will be challenging. Also, the steeper incline with exam format and allotted time. Anyway, I hope my question above makes sense. Thanks in advance for weighing in!

2 Answers

I recommend taking many courses and certifications as stepping stones to the Pro exams, as they are quite a bit more difficult than the associate exams.  Take a look at the suggested order to take AWS exams about 1/3 of the way through this FAQ created by Mattias.  


Eric Weiss

Thank you, ben22! I didn’t realize Architect Pro could be considered the hardest exam of all beyond the associates and other exams. I’ve read other posts where some felt that Networking or DevOps Pro were the most difficult. Mattias A seems like a very knowledgable resource on this however.

The 3 associated exams certainly helps in preparation of the SA Pro exam to a certain degree, but the SA Pro exam is significantly harder than any of associated exams. The SA Pro exam is difficult exam, but I think it’s easier than both Network and DevOps Pro. I found both security and network courses helped me a lot when preparing for the SA Pro.

Eric Weiss

Thank you for the helpful input, vault0109. It’s good to know what you thought about Network and DevOps Pro difficulty, versus SA Pro.

Sam T

Which exam is more difficult mostly depends on your background. Overall, based on readings here, most people find SA-Pro most difficult.

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