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different answer??

Developers from the newly acquired company are hesitant to move their applications under Cloud Formation because it would require that they learn a new domain-specific language and eliminate their access to language features, such as looping.

How can the acquired applications quickly be brought up to deployment standards while addressing the developers’ concerns?

A. Create Cloud Formation templates and re-use parts of the Python scripts as Instance user data. Use the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) to deploy the application using these templates. Incorporate the AWS CDK into CodePipeline and deploy the application to AWS using these templates.

B. Use a third-party resource provisioning engine inside AWS CodeBuild to standardize the deployment processes of the existing and acquired company. Orchestrate the CodeBuild job using CodePipeline.

C. Standardize on AWS OpsWorks. Integrate OpsWorks with CodePipeline. Have the developers create Chef recipes to deploy their applications on AWS.

D. Define the AWS resources using TypeScript or Python. Use the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) to create CloudFormation templates from the developers’ code, and use the AWS CDK to create CloudFormation stacks Incorporate the AWS CDK as a CodeBuild job in CodePipeline.

In a practice test, the systems tells answer as B. I am not satisfied with the answer. I think answer should be C.

1 Answers

Because it uses the word quickly, yes C would work too, but much more effort and time would be required to do so.

Rajan Nepali

I change my answer to D.

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