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Default VPC

Hi Scott, 

Not sure if this is relevant. But my question is if we delete the default VPC and add a new VPC and launched our infra components in that new VPC, are we supposed to expect problems? there is a link which specifies this, would love to have your view:

Does default VPC play a role in routing to our VPC’s (I think it should not given my understanding of shared infra model but came across this situation recently in my work.)

2 Answers

VPCs are isolated from one another (unless you setup a peering connection). I have heard to not delete your default VPC, but have never heard a good justification for it. But to answer your question, the default VPC will not affect anything in a VPC you provisioned yourself.

Chaitanya Apasangi

Exactly, I had the same understanding and almost went to depression after hearing that from a colleague that "even if you launch your resources into your own VPC, Default VPC is still relevant..", I seriously wanted him to be wrong. But I asked this question because don’t want to leave myself in a doubt over this.


The reason to not delete default VPC was because it was difficult to get it back. You needed to submit a ticket to AWS for them to restore it. That is no longer the case as you can recreate it on your own. Personally, I delete every default VPC and only use custom ones.

Hi Chaitanya,

I’ve worked with some companies who, as a matter of policy, removed all default settings for either cleanliness or security…just like you might remove the ec2-user account from an Amazon Linux AMI and create your own service accounts if you need them.

I personally don’t like all the default stuff and I’ll clean it out of a new account because I only want stuff my team explicitly creates in the account.   Just personal preference I guess.

Your services and accounts will work just fine without the default stuff there.  You might get some errors if you try to launch some other sample stuff, but for production accounts, those are not for "trying out stuff".


Chaitanya Apasangi

Thanks Scott, Appreciate your quick response 🙂

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