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Current CSA Pro exam


I plan to take the current CSA Pro exam in Jan or Feb. Does this new beta exam training cover the old exam contents or should I rather take the old version of this training? Please clarify.




I have the same question.. Can someone from ACG please answer.


Also, I have another question. I have learnt that the current CSA PRO exam would probably still be live until March or April along with new CSA PRO that gets released on Feb-4. Is this correct assumption? Please clarify.

1 Answers

Hi Vijay,

You can use either the old or new CSAP course to prepare for the "classic" CSAP exam.  We didn’t remove any topics from the course but rather added new material that appears on the Beta exam.  We’re still adding to it as well as people share the topics they saw on the Beta.

In response to your question on the availability of the CSA Pro classic exam, PSI is showing a retire date of Feb 3, 2019 as of today.  I have not seen or heard that they plan on extending the availability date.  We do know the Beta period for the new exam has expired without an extension so it would seem they are on track for what they originally set as a timeline.



Thank you Scott for the clarification.

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