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CSAP Beta 2019 Course Updates

Hello Cloud Gurus!

Just like the CSAP Beta Exam, this course is considered in Beta too. That means we are working out the bugs, making corrections and adding new content pretty regularly. Recently, we added a feature on our platform that tags new and updated content. That’s cool but kind of cumbersome if you’re just wanting to know what updates are significant.

For example, I can remove an extra "the" in a slide or I can completely rewrite a segment…they both get the same Updated flag. I know you want to keep hip with the significant updates and ignore the minor stuff. Forum member Ark suggested I create a post with a running log of significant updates, so this is it.  I’m just logging stuff going forward from this point.

[Because our current forum platform doesn’t have the ability to pin a post as sticky, you’re going to have to bookmark this post and check back regularly. For those aspiring to Chuck Norris bad-assery levels, you could probably rig something up with IFTTT or (bonus points) architect a page update alerting function on AWS!]


I have a question. If I am planning to take the CSA-PRO exam before Feb 3rd which is the old exam, should I take the old ACG course or the new one. I am little confused.

2 Answers


  • Labs for all chapters
  • Comb through re:Invent releases to edit/add as needed
  • Reference new 2018 reInvent videos (when posted) in place of 2017 videos where possible


  • November 13 – Added a Lab to the Networking chapter.
  • November 19 – Pushed an update to the quiz questions to fix answer position references, typos and an incorrect URL
  • November 22 – CSAP EXAM SIMULATOR RELEASED!!! 220 minutes and 85 questions of pure torture.
  • December 6 – Updated DynamoDB lecture to include On-Demand Capacity and DynamoDB Transactions
  • January 3 – Updated lectures on DynamoDB to include newly released ACID compliance feature and On-Demand as well as minor clarification updates on SNS TTL and Glacier Vault Locks.


  • Costing Challenge 2 – answer should say scale out rather than scale up
  • ELB – Add mention of ELB scale-out consumes IPs..could create problems if not enough IPs available
  • EFS – I think I mention somewhere that Direct Connect is the only way to remotely mount EFS. But you can also do this over VPN.
  • ES – Add segment on ElastiSearch as it appeared on the beta exam a few times

Hi Scott, would it be also an option to include long essay style questions with the long answers like in the exam? I see the exam’s rather easy styled questions like in the associate where we need more preparation for the PRO styled questions?


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