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Copy Data source and files from to Our Accounts S3 bucket

I would like to understand how to get data sets from to my S3 bucket.

I could access the Public S3 Bucket for Openaq(air quality) data sets at    ( )

That folder has around 30 files,  and I want to copy all these files from Public S3 bucket of to My local(My aws account) S3 bucket.

Please share if you could find a way to easily copy these to another(your own) S3 bucket.

Appreciate your help!

Jheison Rodriguez


1 Answers

Hi Arjun,

You could probably copy the data using the AWS CLI presuming the OpenAQ bucket has public read, which I think it does. Something like:

aws s3 sync s3:/path-to-openaq-files/ s3:/path-to-my-bucket/
Jheison Rodriguez

Yes it has the S3 bucket public

Jheison Rodriguez

aws s3 sync s3://openaq-fetches/realtime/2019-09-20/ s3://path-to-my-bucket/

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