AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Content request – Real world solutions architecting

As I prepare to sit the Solutions Architect Professional exam, I think it would be interesting if you were to put together a set of real world type scenarios an AWS architect is faced with.  Example:  put together a design to meet x y and a requirements, then let us work through them followed by instructor solution.  Similar to the labs on the course you have now, only many more of them.

Getting in the mindset of creating proposals leveraging all the different AWS services + how to provide a cost estimate to customers is the practical practice experience I’m looking for.

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Hi Mike,

This is a great idea!   We have brainstormed internally around something like this kind of as a stand-alone element we’d do periodically.  Over time, we’d have a nice library built.  The challenge is that AWS changes so frequently that maintenance is a real challenge.  We’re always looking for people to help contribute content like this.  If you or anyone reading this is interested, please reach out to us.


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