AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Consolidated billing account

Regarding the multi-account diagram shown towards the end. The diagram makes it look like you can designate a separate account as your billing account. However, this is not correct. The "root" account in the diagram must be your master/payer account and it’s responsible for paying the bills in a single organization:

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Hi gsanta,

You are correct that the Master account in AWS Organizations is your Payer account and you can’t change this after you setup AWS Organizations.   However, you can place that Master account in any OU you choose…even many layers down.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a try.   Create some nested OUs and move the Master into those.

I always encourage students to lab something out if they have doubts before declaring that it’s wrong.


Phil Steadman

Scott, can you do a walkthrough, talk through of this multi-account part of the course, please. This is the one thing I’m struggling with (at the moment). I made some OU’s but its just not sinking in, what we can do with it, and what we can’t. Thank you

Scott Pletcher

Hi Phil, take a look at this reEnforce talk on the topic…I think it does a good job explaining the use cases.

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