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CloudWatch Logs group vs Kinesis Firehose in logs collection

Suppose the following scenario –

====  content removed by moderator =====

Can you please give feedback? Thanks.

2 Answers

Hi Eric,

I think you answered your own question.  There doesn’t seem to be a decidedly incorrect answer and the question does not provide any conditions.  Cost and flexibility might be deciding factors but the scenario gives no such guidance.


Eric Zhang

Hi Scott, thanks for your input. FYI. Kinesis Firehose is the correct choice here. Because Cloudwatch logs have a hard size limit of 256KB. .

Hello Eric,
 As noted in your other post, posting questions from exam dumps, and asking others to answer them for you, is not the purpose of the site.

Instead of posting the question, please ask about the aspect of the service that you do not understand.  That will help you learn and become a better engineer.  Trying to get past exams without learning the material is a recipe for career disaster as your peers and managers will quickly realize that have no skill and replace you.

Keep well and keep reading in the vendor doco

Moderator & Coach

Eric Zhang

Hi Rusty, I appreciate your career advice. However, it’s unfair to pass such judgement as I tried to ask others to answer them for me. If you had read my post, I actually provided detailed my own analysis and how I would approach the question. What I asked was feedback of others not their answers to the question alone. Also last time I checked ACG is a training platform that help members study for AWS exams, are you telling me I’m not supposed to ask exam related questions here? I understand you don’t allow posting of AWS practice or official exam questions, my question was from a third party provider.

Eric Zhang

FYI. I’ve figured it out on my own. A little feedback from me, it’s not nice to be judgemental without knowing the situation. Also posting generic link is a lazy and condescending way of answering questions. I hope you learn some respect, it certainly helps your career.


Thank you for the feedback Eric. I am very pleased that you sorted out. I wish you all the best of luck in your career.

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