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CHAPTER 2.10 – RDS – MultiAZ – More than one standby

In a MultiAZ setup, is it possible to have more than one stand-by instance (two or more stand-by instances ie)? A slide in the lecture shows a MariaDB instance having one master and two stand-by instances. Tried looking through the aws docs but I couldn’t find any mention of more than one standbys. I do understand that one can have upto 5 read replicas.

1 Answers

Hi Don,

Yes, you’re correct that behind the scenes, your main multi-AZ RDS instance will have a single standby in another AZ ready to be promoted to the primary.  Since we don’t really have control over which in AZ the standby is created…unless your VPC has only subnets in 2 AZs…thats why I depicted the diagram as such.    

The take-away is that with multi-AZ, you don’t need to worry about the standbys as a new one will be automatically created in another AZ if your existing standby is promoted to primary.


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