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Challenge 1 : Data Store : SA Pro 2020


This is regarding Challenge 1 : Data Store : SA Pro 2020,

Best option chosen is with s3 bit torrent protocol. But as per document:

You can only get a torrent file for objects that are less than 5 GBs in size and the size of the file here is 20GB.

1 Answers

I’m just speculating here, but I guess that the fact that you can have torrent files for 5G objects does not disqualify the answer regarding the torrent. You could divide the 20G file in 5G parts and since the answer implies that you will be creating a torrent app for the download joining the parts shouldn’t be a problem for the users, same goes for the extendend content (50G) you will need to have the 5G parts and make sure that your torrent app follows the necessary steps to merge them in the correct way and to seed them for the other users.

Suneet Bhatnagar

Thanks! I think this is the only correct way to justify the answer

Ashish Pathak

But in addition Amazon S3 does not support the BitTorrent protocol in AWS Regions launched after May 30, 2016. The question doesn’t mention which region they would be launching.

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