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Challenge 1 – Chapter 9

Just a clarification on Challange 1, chapter 9 

Answer F is 

".. says we’re gonna consolidate some small RDS instances into a larger RDS instance. Well, this may save some money, or it may not. We don’t really know here, we don’t have enough information to say that, and just provisioning something larger and putting smaller databases into it is not instantly going to save us money."

could you clarify if there are cases in which this is correct?  like for example for DynamoDB (Cost Optimisation Strategies, chapter 9)

because if there are cases (even rarely), considering the question is looking at IDEAS to BRAINSTORM, that should be selected as a good answer.. 

In a BRAINSTORM session i would exclude only those INCORRECT/WRONG, not those correct but for which we do not have enough data.

Thank you,

1 Answers

I agree. In the Cost Optimization Strategies video, Appropriate Provisioning slide, he specifically mentions consolidating for greater density, lower complexity (multi-database RDS). And right below that he shows how it’s cheaper to have one large database instance compared to 4 smaller sized instances (even though it’s EC2 not RDS).

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