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Certificate Validity

How long is the certificate valid – the AWS Certification website says 3 years " AWS Certifications are valid for 3 years."

But my actual certificate only shows 2 years?

Tried to check the AWS certification account – it just shows "Pass" – without any mention of Validity or Active?

The old certs do not have the "validation code" (unlike the new certs) – so cant go to the validation site either to check.

Have raised issue with Cert Support – lets see what/when they respond.

2 Answers

Mystery solved – found the web location for the certs (it is very convoluted in the AWS website).

When I look at the certificate now – it shows Valid for 3 years also has the validation code. And it shows Active on the site. (whew)

So have to download new copies of all the old certs.

As a side note – the site says – you must re-certify before expiration. Don’t know what that means – is Re-certification different than Certification?

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