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Can we put an internal Network Load Balancer behind an internet-facing Application Load Balancer, both of these load balancers are in different VPCs and Accounts


1. An internal (private subnet) Network Load Balancer in Account 1 and VPC 1

2. An internet-facing (public subnet) Application Load Balancer in Account 2 and VPC 2

Is it possible to let the Application Load Balancer redirect/forward the traffic to the Network Load Balancer?

1 Answers

Please read about PrivateLink . You will Place NLB in Account 1, VPC  1. Will build PrivateLink to Account 2, VPC2. PrivateLink will allocate IPs in VPC 2 and you can point ALB in VPC 2 to that IPs.

Karn Silprasert

Hi Maks, I have tried it and this does work! Thank you.

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