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Can on-premise system access internet via DX’s Public VIF?


On-premise hosts can access AWS public services; can these on-premise hosts access Internet via DX’s Public VIF?


Which of these statements on Direct Connect are False.

Choose 2

Direct Connect requires BGP routing.

Traffic through a Direct Connect connection can reach the internet via AWS Internet Gateway.

Direct Connect connections are highly available.

Direct Connect requires 802.1Q VLAN support.

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Direct Connect connections consist of a single connection between your network and AWS with no inherent redundancy. Additionally, traffic coming from on-prem via a Direct Connect connect is restricted from internet access.

1 Answers

You can only access public AWS services (i.e. the public IP addresses of AWS services) when using public VIFs on a DX. However, despite connecting to ‘public’ services using their public IPs, the connection doesn’t go via the Internet (assuming your routers are configured correctly) and stays on the AWS and Exchange Providers backbone network. You cannot access the internet as a whole using public VIFs.

Enyou Li

Thanks. Yes, the access to AWS public services does not go through VPC’s Internet Gateway.

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