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Can IBM MQ directly be migrated to Amazon MQ?

Can on premise IBM MQ directly be migrated to Amazon MQ? Or is it more suitable to migrate on premise IBM MQ on an EC2 instance?

4 Answers

This article says ActiveMQ and IBM MQ are two different things. So you can only deploy IBM MQ to EC2.


Thank you for the links. I am still confused about one of the acloudguru SAP simulator questions as below. Could you please give me more explanation why Amazon MQ can replace IBM MQ in this case? Thank you. Question: Due to a dispute with their co-location hosting company, your client is forced to move some applications as soon as possible to AWS. The main application uses IBM DB2 for the data store layer and a Java process on AIX which interacts via JMS with IBM MQ hosted on an AS400. What is the best course of action to reduce risk and allow for fast migration? Answer: Install DB2 on an EC2 instance and migrate the data by doing an export and import. Spin up an instance of Amazon MQ in place of IBM MQ. Install the Java process on a Linux-based EC2 system. EXPLANATION: For a fast migration with minimal risk, we would be looking for a lift-and-shift approach and not spend any time on re-architecting or re-platforming that we don’t absolutely have to do. Amazon MQ is JMS compatible and would provide a shorter path to the cloud than SQS. DMS does not support DB2 as a target.

Michito Shinkai

I believe Sam T’s answer is the right one. Amazon MQ can work with JMS so in this case it can be as a replacement for IBM MQ. But this question says "we would be looking for a lift-and-shift approach" which is "Rehosting" and using Amazon MQ instead of IBM MQ is "Replatforming" in my opinion.

"why Amazon MQ can replace IBM MQ in this case" – Amazon MQ can replace IBM MQ because Amazon MQ (not SQS) supports most of the features of IBM MQ. There is No migration path as such- you will have to do a re-install of all Qs/Topics – but application code will not have to change.

Dont know details of this quiz question – so providing this generic answer.

Thank you very much Solitary and Sam T. I voted for your answers. And just wait to see whether anyone from acloudguru would explain the quiz question a bit more.

I know its an old question. But for the people that are still trying to migrate from IBM to MQ. You can create a CAMEL JMS Bridge and follow the article. Easy to create the Bridge, just did POC myself. 

Or Google – migrating-from-ibm-mq-to-amazon-mq-using-a-phased-approach

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