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Can I proxy Websocket connection through API Gateway?

Currently I am using the API Gateway as a kind of proxy to provide https simply =>

The route was $default

The integration setup is HTTP ANY ->

I am now having to setup an Websocket server on my domain that is already listening at ws:// I can connect directly to this socket but not using the AWS API Gateway

wss:// => ws://

Currently I an getting unexpected error 400, using wscat

1 Answers

Hi Quoc,

Doesn’t look like anyone here has an answer for you.  I personally haven’t used websockets with the API gateway.  I do know however, that when I make a change on the gateway, I usually need to let it redeploy on Cloudfront before it behaves correctly for me…in that time I have gotten 400 errors that really confused me…but eventually, they settle.

Good luck.


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