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Can dedicated instances exist without dedicated hosts

There’s something I really don’t understand about dedicated hosts.

The lecture and documentation say that a dedicated instance is just an on-demand, reserved or spot instance that is running on a dedicated hardware.

So it means that we need a dedicated host which is a physical server dedicated to us. Because if a physical server is 12 CPUs and I request a 2 CPUs’ dedicated instance, AWS is not going to reserve a full physical server just for my 2 CPUs’ instance.

I think I’m missing the point or that the documentation’s wording is creating confusion…

1 Answers

Well, it is more from compliance requirements.

1. Dedicated instance means your instance will not be mixed with any other AWS accounts.(AWS may allocate a few instances from your own AWS account to share the same physical host). So when you stop and start your instance, it can run on another physical host, but it will still not be mixed with others.

2. Dedicated host means your instance will always run on the same host. So when your stop and start your instance, it remains on the same physical host. The use case is software licence linked to host ID.

To answer your question, yes, dedicated instance can be run on another host (not dedicated).

(voice is not very clear but the diagram is good.)–a-kvY

(starting from 17:35)

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