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AWS Solutions Architect Professional 2019 Exam Simulator – Incorrect Answer

Love the 2019 Exam Simulator. One question that I want to discuss.

There is a question around Migrating Containerized web app and CouchBase Database with lowest risk and admin requirements.

The correct answer is Fargate.

While I tend to agree and you can use external mounts using EFS for the persistent storage. Without mentioning EFS in the answers, Fargate is not the correct option. Thoughts?

1 Answers

Hi Louay,

Yes, you are absolutely correct.  AWS treats Fargate more for ephemeral workloads so any containers that require persistence would be a hassle to setup.  I’m going to update that question to either change the workload to ephemeral or perhaps test the student’s knowledge on when to use Fargate versus running your own container host.



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