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AWS Solution Architect Professional Course 2019 – Migrations quiz

You want to gradually migrate data directly from an on-prem RAID10 file server to S3 without moving it to other storage first. Which of these would you use? (Choose 2)

The correct answers mentioned are:

* Storage Gateway – Volume Gateway Stored Mode


I am wondering why Storage Gateway – Volume Gateway Cached Mode is not an answer? Anyone can clarify this?

1 Answers

Hello Venkyvb,

   Take a close look at how Storage gateway is installed and implemented. You would need to 1st create a RAID array on the SG and migrate the data to the SG Array.   This would be very impacting to the business, and in conflict with the question "..without moving it to other storage first.".


Moderator & Coach


Thanks for the response Rusty. However I am still not clear as to is how is this different for Stored mode vs. Cached mode? Why is Stored mode a correct answer?


+1 for the followup question. I’m also not clear what’s the difference. Can someone please clarify.

Josh Griswell

This language should help – create gateway storage volumes. You then map them to on-premises direct-attached storage (DAS) or storage area network (SAN) disks. You can start with either new disks or disks already holding data. (

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